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Sell Watches Online offers simple and easy online watch purchasing and selling. We offer fair quotes for luxury watches from industry-leading experts with quick turnaround times.

Within 48 hours of landing on this webpage, you could receive payment for your watch! Speed, precision, and ease of access make Sell Watches Online a great option for selling your watch without spending hours of your weekend on research and pricing.

Sell Watches Online deals in every luxury brand and every watch you can offer. Get a quote today, or get in touch to enquire about purchasing.

What We Do

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We buy all types of luxury watches including Rolex, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Cartier, and Patek Phlippe.

Sell Watches

Looking to add a watch to your collection? Whatever budget you're working with we will do our best to get you the best deal on the market.

We are simply the best at buying watches online. Give us a call or submit information today to receive money for a watch within 48 hours!

The three-step process is easy:

  1. Submit the form on this page with as much information as possible in the fields.
  2. Then, within 24 hours of receiving the submission, we will send you an offer for your watch. You can review the offer and check it against any other offers you have.
  3. If you like the price, just accept the offer and ship the watch and you’ll receive payment (through check or even wire transfer) within 12-24 hours of when we receive and verify the information.

If you’re looking to sell your luxury watch easily and quickly, get paid before the weekend ends, and do it all without leaving your house, give us a call today! Our experts give competitive rates on luxury watches, making the process simple for you.

Watches We Buy & Sell

Why Buy and Sell Watches Online?

Most websites buying watches will give you inflated, standardized quotes that won’t represent what the business will actually pay for it. When you sell online at our site, you can get a customized quote with an actual amount you can get for your watch! No tricks, no-nonsense, just the real value of your watch.

Selling your watch online is the easiest way to do it. No running around a city, finding parking, and showing your watch to pawn shop dealers who will smell out someone who doesn’t know much about the value of their watch and may try to undercut you. No calls to auction houses, waiting around, or photos on Craigslist.

Online watch selling lets you get a quote quickly, make a decision, and get paid for your watch. Which is what you want–it should be a quick way to make some cash on the weekend, not a monthlong journey that forces you to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

Consignment shops can take a long time to sell your watch. Private buyers require specific connections to the right people. At an auction, the right watch can fetch great prices, but only if it has a story and you catch the auction house on the right day. On a wrong day, you could score a lot less than you’d hoped, and lose money on the watch.

How Are Watches Priced?


Sell Watches Online wants to be as transparent as possible in the watch pricing process. While you might be able to derive some basic selling points and prices from a quick Google search, the truth is that every watch is different.

Here are a few of the things to consider when trying to figure out exactly how much your watch is worth:

  • The Second-Hand Market: Sometimes watches “get hot” and start selling for more than they’re normally worth because they have a style or brand which gains popularity with a particular audience.
  • Condition: If the watch requires repairs to critical components, like the face, internal mechanisms, or band, then buyers will deduct the price of those values. While your total watch is worth an asking price, also remember that your watch is basically a collection of individually priced pieces. If all those pieces are in great condition, only then does the watch go for maximum value. If the pieces have been tampered with, this also may be a sign of inauthenticity or a fake.
  • Original Box and Papers: Find those papers! Find that box! Not only are they a sign of authenticity, but many collectors will pay a premium for watches that come with the box and papers. It shows the watch is authentic.

Watches We Buy and Sell

By no means an exhaustive list! Sell Watches Online wants to hear from you regarding any timepiece, including and especially the odd, rare, and unidentifiable! However, here are some examples of brands we deal in:

Patek Philippe

The luxury brand of timepieces Patek Phillippe has been perfecting effortless style and craftsmanship since Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe founded the company 1839. The Genevan company specializes in Swiss timepieces which are the perfect combination of classic and modern. The company makes all parts in house, carries over one hundred watchmaking related patents, and is often considered the world’s finest watch by connoisseurs.


Hublot’s luxury watch brand is a newer player on the market, dating back to only 1980 when an Italian opened a watch shop in Switzerland. Hublot is known for daring designs, postmodern fashion, and watches that push the boundaries of timepieces.


Cartier watches are an elegant jewelry watch, balancing feminine and masculine aesthetics in both their men’s and women’s watches. Cartier clockmakers have been making timepieces since 1847 and were instrumental in developing the wristwatch when a Brazilian aviator needed a quality timepiece that would be easily accessible.

AP – Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Swiss Watchmakers thinks that to break the rules, you first must master them. But they also think that you shouldn’t bother mastering the rules if you aren’t going to break them. Endlessly inventive, pushing technical and theatrical boundaries, the Audemars Piguet brand is synonymous with bold vibes and fresh fire.


Rolex is the quintessential name in luxury, and secondarily in wristwatches. They’ve partnered with countless famous athletes and sports to create a brand image of luxury-sport lifestyle. For the person who is classy and active, Rolex is the only watch in the game. They feature high demand and high resale value.


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