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If you’re looking to sell your Rolex in New York City, you’ve come to the right website. With recent advertising campaigns and new brand strategies which connect classic Rolex values to the modern world, Rolex value has never been higher. Classic and newer Rolex watches are fetching amazing prices. Sell Watches Online understands the brand, the market fluctuations, and offers you prime pricing on your Rolex watch.

About The Rolex Brand

Rolex is a luxury watch brand, known for its elegant precision and company tendency to push the boundaries of where people can tell time. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davies, Rolex began as a luxury brand that thought they could outdo other luxury brands.

The watches have become famous for functioning in harsh conditions. Hans and Alfred wanted luxury to go on the road. Luxury doesn’t sit in chairs, it climbs mountains and explores the depths of the ocean. The company has pionered watches for pioneers, allowing people to take watches deep-sea diving with pressure-handling technology, mountain climbing with cold and altitude resistant design, and even accross the English Chanel with water and wave proof interfaces.

With Rolex, sport is luxurious and luxury takes on an edge. Fine timepieces built for the modern aristocrat on the go, who needs to tell time while engaging in fascinating hobbies.

Rolex watches, like all automated watches, function with a timetelling mechanism that charges the watch with motion. Once wound, the watch runs without batteries through the motion-based charge and power reserve. It has tighter hairsprings to prevent the watch from slipping even when it undergoes shock.

Why Sell Your Rolex to Sell Watches Online?

Sell Watches Online provides the ease of watch selling from the comfort of your home. No more hastle with parking, pawn shops, and shady retailers. Just a quick quote, an easy to accept offer, and fair money for your Rolex!

Maybe you need extra cash, are looking to upgrade your watch game, or were given a Rolex and don’t really want it. There are a ton of different reasons why you might want to sell a watch. Repairs can be expensive, and even damaged, easily repairable Rolex’s can fetch a good amount of cash. The Rolex brand, even if not in mint condition, can still turn heads and open wallets!

Rolex will always be in high demand because the brand keeps pushing boundaries and develop quality watches. Always get a few quotes when looking to sell your Rolex. Get it appraised, get it certified, and sell your Rolex confidently.

While other processes, like in person selling, direct to consumer, and auction houses can provide lengthy red tape and turnover processess, Sell Watches Online provides a simple and easy website to go from appraisal to transaction in only a few days! Selling watches online allows you the ease and comfort of online shopping, with the expertise and prices of industry leaders. Don’t throw up the watch on Craigslist! Sell it on Sell Watches Onlines.

Selling Your Rolex in New York City

New York City offers thousands of places to sell and buy Rolex watches. Everyone who works with watches is interested in buying and selling Rolex watches! It is the finest luxury brand of watches in existence.

Be careful selling your Rolex in NYC. Plenty of dealers will try to undercut the price points of your Rolex, especially if you don’t seem to know what you’re doing. If you do try to show up to pawn-shop or secondhand store in NYC, come armed with an understanding of both your specific watch and the Rolex brand.

Is It Easy to Sell a Rolex in New York City?

Just search “sell watch” or “pawnshop” to Google Maps in the Manhattan area either in Midtown or Downtown, and you’ll find seemingly multiple results on every single block. New York City is a vibrant market of all kinds, including and especially for luxury watches–and there’s no finer brand of luxury watches than Rolex.

Getting Your Rolex Appraised in Manhattan

When you’re looking for an appraisal and price evaluation in New York City for your Rolex, you want someone who is professional and accurate. The watch should never leave your site–while most dealers and jewelers are reputable, there is a concern that your watch is switched for a fake in a back room.

Only let the watch out of your sight if you have reason to absolutely trust the person holding it. They should have all the tools that they need right at the counter to give you an accurate appraisal quickly. Whether you’re trying to sell or just want to see how much its worth, it shouldn’t be hard to get a Rolex appraised.

Our site can give you a quote right here! Just fill out the contact information and provide some basic information about the watch to learn how much your Rolex is worth.

Where Should You Sell Your Rolex in NYC?

While Rolex is a luxury brand, and you’ll find places on every block looking to offer you cash for your Rolex, there are better places than others to sell watches in New York City. The Diamond District has earned a reputation has having the most accessible and trustworthy luxury watch buyers in New York City.

If you want to sell your watch, try the Diamond District. Before you go, get a quote from our site, so that you have some idea of how much you should be looking to make from your Rolex.

How Much is My Rolex Worth?

Everyone wants to know how much their Rolex is worth. Even if you aren’t quite interested in selling it, its good to have it appraised from time to time to know how the market is doing and how much the watch is worth in case of insurance claims.

If you have the original Rolex box and papers, you can find the model number and plug it into Google. If you’ve lost the box and papers, in between the lugs at 12 and 6 o’clock you can find the model number. Googling that should pull up your watch.

Checking the serial number (also between the lugs at 12 and 6 o’clock) will allow you to determine the age of the Rolex.

You can visit Rolex’s website and find your watch and its story to get an idea of what you’re dealing with. The price points offered at retail value should give you an idea of the ceiling of the watch you’re working with. You won’t be able to get more than retail for a used watch, even if it is “like new,” unless it is a rare model or something.

You can check price points for used watches online, but keep in mind that every watch will sell for a different amount based on a variety of factors. There is no “standard price” for each watch. If your Rolex is in great condition with the box and papers, it will be worth significantly more than if you don’t have the box and papers and if the watch is scratched up.

Especially know that customizations will hurt the value of your Rolex. Factory and manufactory standard parts and models will always go for the highest price. If your Rolex has become an odd assemblage of watch parts, the value will be only a fraction of what you might expect.

Getting a free quote from reputable dealers like our website is a great way to figure out how much your particular Rolex is worth, and not just Rolex watches in general.

Selling Your Rolex to Sell Watches Online

We buy Rolex’s from anywhere, including and especially New York City! You can get a free quote and appraisal on our website, and if you like the offer, you can get paid for your watch in just a couple days. Sell your watch in New York City all without leaving your apartment

At the least, try out the quote service we offer to begin gathering price points as you try to sell your Rolex in New York City.

What Rolex Watches Are We Looking For?

Sell Watches Online is interested in all kinds of Rolex watches, including but not limited to, the Rolex Day-Date, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Two-Tone Submariners, Rolex Sky-Dweller, and Rolex Explorer. We’re also interested in all the different variations of these watches!.

The Rolex Story

When you own a Rolex, you don’t just own a watch, you own part of a story of luxury and success. If you’re heading out into New York City to sell your Rolex, it helps to have the story in mind. You’ll be able to negotiate with more than facts and figures, you’ll be able to negotiate with a persuasive narrative which locates your watch in an overarching story.

Rolex isn’t just a timepiece, it’s a piece of time. As the company says, “every Rolex tells a story.” Hold your head high, and don’t take less than the watch is worth.

Hans Wilsdorf founded the Swiss watch company with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis. The two men began their company as watch importers, until they realized they were passionate about craftsmanship and wanted to manufacture their own brand that they felt could beat the competition. The name “Rolex” was chosen because Wilsdorf thought the word sounded like the winding of a watch–”rol–ex,” the roll and click of the timepiece.

Wilsdorf and Davis began the company because they thought they could manufacture higher-quality luxury pieces than other brands on the market. They began experimenting with chrometric precision, developing better and better tech for their watches. With Rolex, luxury begins inside, and isn’t merely a surface level shine. Luxury runs deep in a Rolex, down to the gears and ticking.

Rolex’s modern association with sport and activity began early as the company began experimenting with watches built for altitudes in mountain climbing and aviation, cold temperatures in arctic exploration, and pressure in deep-sea diving. The company wanted their watches to hold up in extreme conditions, because if you build products for extreme conditions, you gain bold and daring clients who need the watches for those conditions.

Rolex released the “Oyster” wristwatch in 1926, complete with a waterproof casing and the ability to withstand minor pressure. The company proudly paraded the product as yet another example of luxury for the modern person, swimming and diving. A year later a swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel with a Rolex, which survived the trip and worked perfectly during the whole swim.

An expedition to Mount Everest in 1953 saw two climbers reach the summit while wearing working Oyster Perpetual Rolex watches.

The Submariner watch was a diver’s watch which improved safety by allowing divers to track immersion time with greater precision. The watch could withstand pressure up to 330 feet deep.

The Rolex story is a story of pushing the boundaries of where humans can tell time. From the depths of the ocean, to the currents of the English Channel, to airplanes and mount everest, Rolex has been pioneering new places for us to keep track of time. Undoubtedly, they’ll also be the first to create wristwatches for other planets and other galaxies.

Knowing the Rolex story makes you more proud of your watch and more uncompromising in its value. Sell Watches Online understands the Rolex story, and when we make you a quote, we aren’t just offering you money for the watch–we’re paying for the story. Sell your Rolex to someone who knows the story.

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